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Since 1979, APF produces components for HID lamps, emergency systems for fluorescent lamps and now power system for LED also.

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These components are projected and built with standards of absolute security in order to satisfy the highest requirements of quality and efficiency. Since 1985 APF is specialized in the production of the integrated systems “BASYC“, in class II. By this means APF is able to offer a product complete of control and protection components to the illuminotechnical field. The increasing expansion in the most important international markets and the continuous collaboration with qualified partners have promoted the development of global components. These are able to answer the most particular and various applications, both for industrial and civil uses.
They made of APF one of the most assertive and reliable companies “MADE IN ITALY” of the field.



APF in the continuous development of ever more components in the service lighting industry and energy management company has paid particular attention to ENERGY SAVING and high degree of protection of the components renewing a wide range of existing products.



In the range of power systems for LED, APF has defined a range of products dedicated to emphasize the benefits as a lighting source.

By using the best available technical solutions, it is possible to reach the highest performances in terms of efficiency (>90%) and reliability presently in the market; anticipating future European directives concerning energy saving. Partner of APF for the development of LED power solution is ELEMENTI a company specialized in design, development and manufacturing of innovative electronic solutions.


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Partner of APF specialized in design, development and
manufacturing of innovative electronic solutions.

Via Edison, 7/A - 20875 Burago Molgora - MB, Italy
Tel: +39 0399361063
Mail: info@elementi.it
Site: www.elementi.it